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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Assalam..... sume dh bangun?? arini tiba2 semangat nk stdy law eeheeheheh... kita terus kpda topic kita ...defamation ataupun fitnah..

-it is seek to prtect the interest of an individual in his reputation
-when someone makes a defamatory statement,the defamed person will have a right of action against that person
-the court in defamation cases,had to balance between the interst of the individual and the freedom of speech

What is defamation??
Accroding to the case of SIM V STRECH
'Defamatory words  were words which tend to lower the plaintiff in the estimation of the right thinking members of the societ generally,by exposing him to hatred,contempt and ridicule.

Type of defamation:
1) Libel
2) Slander

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